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Ingredients Russia

8th Moscow International Show “Food ingredients, additives and spices / Ingredients Russia 2005»     

Time and place: 8th – 11th of November 2005, Olimpiysky sports centre

Organizers: Russian exhibition company ITE, under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, of the Government of Moscow, of the Agroindustrial Branch Unions Association ASSAGROS, of the Food Ingredients Producers Union, of the Meat Union of Russia, of the Moscow Businessmen Association

Total area: over 11 thousands square metres

Number of participants: approx. 300 companies from 25 countries

Number of visitors: more than 20 000 experts

Components of success:

     «Food Ingredients, additives and spices / Ingredients Russia 2005» vividly reflects all the changes taking place on the food market and furthers the establishment of business relations between enterprises which produce and supply food ingredients and production companies in all food industry branches, opening up new cooperation opportunities.
     The OMEGA group of companies is a Russian manufacturer of high quality ingredients for food industry applications (ISO 9001: 2000 and НАССР certified). Our company participates in this annual exhibition already for the third consecutive time. Every time we present new OMEGA products. This year there were “novelties” virtually for all groups of additives for meat industry as well as catering enterprises (cafes, bars, restaurants, fast food establishments) presented on the OMEGA exhibition stand:

A collection of new original flavors for sausage and meat chips production.
A wide range of flavoring and aromatic blends for chopped semiproducts and pelmeni.
Original flavor blend lines for different types of meat products.
Combined and multifunctional blends for brines used in the production of meat specialties, restructured hams and natural semiproducts.
Emulsifiers and stabilizers from the “Universal” product series for the preparation of fat emulsions from all types of fatcontaining raw materials.
A new product line of “Marimix” readyforuse marinades supplementing the already existing series of “Maritsa” and “Marifresh” marinades.
Separately we exhibited a series of spice blends permitted for use in the production of cooked sausage articles according to GOST R 52196 2003.

And the most pleasing achievement: OMEGA products has been awarded a number of prizes in the contest nomination “Innovative product developments». The products of our meat division were honored with a silver medal for the combined spice blend “Finnish Cervelat” and with a 3rd degree honorary diploma for the spice blend “Molochnaya Cream Combo”.

The contest committee was formed of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russian federation, of the Nutrition Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, of the Moscow University of Food Industry, of the Research Institute for Food Acids, Flavors and Colorants of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and of the Food Ingredients Producers’ Union.

Our company members have prepared a number of conference reports for the VI INTERNATIONAL FORUM “FOOD INGREDIENTS OF THE 21st CENTURY” held within the framework of the exhibition “Food ingredients, additives and spices / Ingredients Russia 2005»

The forum is dedicated to actual development problems of the food industries in the XXI century.
     Forum topic: Food ingredients in meat and dairy industry
     The assortment of instant sauces was noticeably expanded, following new articles were presented on the exhibition stand of the company: Cream sauce with Crevet taste, Bolognese with Beef and Basil, Classic Carbonara sauce with Bacon taste and with Garlic taste, Cream Sauce mild with Chicken and Parsley. These dry sauces are completely readyforuse blends.

Novelties in the range of instant sauces are: Bechamelle, Carbonara, Dutch sauce, Napoli – dry sauces prepared by boiling for 1 minute. These sauces can be sold directly to ultimate consumers as well as used in cafes and restaurants to accelerate the preparation of meals, these sauces are also an excellent supplement and adornment for meat, fish or vegetable meals.

New complex blends for instant soups and meals were developed: Chartcho, Canned meat, a number of varieties of Fish soup and Vegetable broth.

Natural dry spice extracts of allspice, black and white pepper, citrus, cumin, ginger, nutmeg, used in the production of processed cheese, ketchups, dressings, spreads.

Flavoring and aromatic additives for chips and crisps: Smoked salmon, Salmon with lemon, Salmon with cheese, Salmon with butter.  

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